ABettaMeta – The Deflationary Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Of The Future

BETTA Token Introduces “Proof Of No Work” = $BETTA Holders Receive Free Tokens From EVERY TRANSACTION On The BETTA Network For Simply Hodling (Aka Doing No Work). Tokens Are Deposited Automatically Into Your Wallet For Free

$BETTA Token Features No Staking, No Liquidity Events, No Private Dev Wallets, No Marketing Fees & No LP Tokens That Give The Devs Extra $BETTA Tokens. Every Holder Only Pays A 5% Tax On Each Transaction, Of Which 3% Is Burned & 2% Is Rewarded To All Holders Via Reflections. “PROOF OF NO WORK” IS A TRUE INFLATION KILLER!

How It Works

Join the ABettaMeta community by getting your own unique BETTA NFT. BETTA NFTs will be available on BETTA NFT Marketplace after minting. The marketplace is our unique free-to-use OpenSea clone built on the Binance Smart Chain. We are aiming to become the leading NFT marketplace on BNB, as our entire platform includes no transaction fees whatsoever!

We’re Also Creating “ABettaMetaverse” As A Foundational Interface Where Computer-Generated Virtual Worlds Known As Metaverses, Can Interact With 1 Another For The 1st Time


$BETTA Token Smart Contract Audit By Audit Rate Tech

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